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Many international students wish to live and study in Australia to further their studies and gain valuable life experience.

Australian qualifications are recognised all over the world, and upon graduating from an Australian university many argue that this achievement gives graduates an advantage in the job market.

There are different temporary student visa options available that allow you to stay in Australia to study full-time and may eventually lead to permanent residence.

In the middle of 2016, the Australian Government introduced changes to Australian immigration Student Visas. This reduced the number of available student visas from eight to two. Although there are only two student visas, there are still complex eligibility requirements that students and student guardians must meet to apply for this visa.

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In addition to this Australian immigrant Student Visa, there is a Temporary Graduate Visa (485) that allows for students who have graduated from an Australian educational institute to stay in Australia for graduate work, further study, or to travel.

Migration Australia Experts can provide advice to international students who wish to study in Australia.

How Migration Australia Experts Can Assist You!

Our experienced team of migration agents have many years of experience in assisting international students from around the world to come to Australia to study, and to remain here once they have graduated to undertake further training or studies.

As the process of obtaining an Australian immigrant Student Visa is complex, we can assist you from our initial consultation through to lodging a strong student visa application up to its conclusion with a decision from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. We also assist when you arrive in Australia, putting you in touch with relevant service providers and providing relevant referrals.

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